Joyful, passionate and sparkling: an accurate description of Marlon. An inspired musician with a great love for her instrument, the saxophone. She takes delight in playing on various stages, connecting people through music. Over the last years Marlon has played concerts not only in the Netherlands, but also in Sweden, Switzerland, Denmark, Hungary and Italy.



Marlon Valk (1995, Apeldoorn) started playing the saxophone at the age of 10 and has loved it ever since. She is currently completing her Master degree in Den Haag with Lars Niederstrasser. During her bachelor – which she completed with distinction – , Marlon studied for half a year in Stockholm with Christer Johnson and in Zurich with Lars Mlekusch. Femke IJlstra was her main teacher. Marlon has followed masterclasses with amongst others Jacob TV, Antonio Cánovas Moreno, Paul Cohen and Rodrigo Vila.

Marlon has performed at the most diverse occasions in the Netherlands and abroad. She plays solo as well as with ensembles and orchestra’s, including Ricciotti Ensemble,  Zürich Saxophone Collective, NJFO, VLAM saxophone quartet and her own ensemble Duo Calyptura, with organist Jos Maters.

Furthermore, Marlon has been teaching the saxophone in different institutions throughout the Netherlands and provides private lessons to the young and the old.

Chamber Music

Duo Calyptura

Duo Calyptura – Jos Maters & Marlon Valk

Organ and saxophone, a brilliant combination! Jos and Marlon play original works for their combination – which you probably haven’t heard before – as well as their own arrangements from other works.


Always wanted to learn how to play the saxophone? Or want to improve your skills? Grab your chance and discover how much fun music can bring you! Marlon likes to pass on her passion to both young and old. Weekly, biweekly, monthly or occasionally a lesson, in consultation much is possible.

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